Payment Methods



Cash is acceptable only when the inquiry to book is closer to the date of the session requested. The full amount would be due on the day of the shoot.

For example, if I receive the inquiry to shoot the following week, in order to save time, the cash option will be accepted on the day of the session.


Checks are the best way to track and record for the client and myself as proof of payment. Though traditional, it is the best way to ensure that I have received payment and your financial institution will have record of the check being deposited as well.

This is the best method to send the down deposit. Check payments can be written to Jean L Yang, LLC.

Electronic Payment

This method payment is for the contemporary client. This option is probably the fastest and the easiest to ensure delivery of payment. The only requirements are time to set up profile information and payment information. It is likely that the payment will have to be debit.

The applications that I use and accept are: Google Wallet

Note that you do have to download the app via mobile if you would like to pay on your phone versus desktop.

Google Wallet links to your gmail account, and therefore, would skip the first step of entering your profile information if you already have an email set up with them. However, you would still need to enter your financial account information.

It is free and easy to use and a popular method to use among my clients.