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CAM Collective

If you know the story of “The Emperor’s New Clothing,” then you know that clothing has long been known to be a major factor of how we are perceived.

Chai, Aliah, and Mai Der formed CAM Collective to help the modern woman dress for success. By understanding the importance of perception of professionalism, they joined forces to create a service for the working woman.

The journey to success always starts with the first step. And why not in a stylish shoe while you’re at it?

Hmong Young Professionals Gallery

Hmong Young Professionals Gallery

Hmong Young Professionals (HYP)

I was asked to be part of a new organization in Milwaukee called Hmong Young Professionals (HYP) as their Marketing Chair last year. As I embarked on this journey with the start up, it provided me with the opportunity to meet and photograph talented Hmong professionals in the Milwaukee community.

The mission of the Hmong Young Professional group is “to provide opportunities for individuals to strengthen and enhance their leadership skills.”

I would like to invite you to view the portraits of the colorful individuals that grace our Hmong Young Professional community to learn more about who they are and their professional aspirations.

Blush 'n Blossoms Floral Design

Chai is the owner of Blush 'n Blossoms Floral Design which just launched in 2017. She has always been creative and very apt with working with her hands. It is fairly easy to see the skill and craftsmanship of her flower design in each one of her bouquets.

Photographing these aromatic beauties was quite a fun change of scenery from what I usually get hired to commercially photograph. Witness her gorgeous, custom bouquets by clicking on the gallery to the right. These beauties are not only meant for your viewing pleasure but can also be yours to own. Order a custom bouquet for a special someone or for yourself by clicking here

Blush 'n Blossoms Floral Design Gallery

Blush 'n Blossoms Floral Design Gallery

Nancy's Fresh Eggrolls Gallery

Nancy's Fresh Eggrolls Gallery

Nancy's Fresh Eggrolls

Nancy's Fresh Eggrolls is a seasonal run egg roll business open at the farmer's market during the summer and fall in Sheboygan, WI. If you can't get your hands on one of these famous egg rolls, you can find them at Clark's gas station on 1710 Indiana Avenue during the winter.

Nancy is a hard-working mother of eleven, fearless entrepreneur, and famous egg roll maker in the town of Sheboygan. She is also well known for her Asian cuisine.