What makes good photography?

3 C's: Color, Composition, and Creativity

What makes exceptional photography?

The creative imagination and execution of the photographer.

My style? 

I'd describe it as dreamy snippets of color and love. I am always looking for love in my portraits whether it's an engagement session or a senior session. It's light, flowy, but colorful. It's often fleeting, but it's there when you look at the right moment.

I pose my clients to get them situated. Sometimes it's directed and other times is suggestive, but the reactions that are captured afterward is all of them.

How do my sessions go?

 I ALWAYS like to get to know my clients before the session. This helps me better understand what they're hoping to get out of their session. And then, I like to make my sessions fun. Even at the expense of ... me. That's how much I love my job. 

When are photos delivered?

During the busy season (late spring into early fall), expect to receive your images within 1-2 month timeframe after I receive your selection. During the slow season (late fall into early spring), you can expect them within the month after your selection. 

Wedding photographs are usually delivered between 3-5 months as the process of filtering and delivering 100's of photos take time and detail before the delivery.

How are photos delivered?

All photos are delivered electronically through Pixieset. This route offers my clients convenience and quick access to the final photos without having to wait 3-5 business days for the mailman to deliver a USB drive. Collections are left up for one month before it is taken down. 

However, the USB option is definitely available for an additional fee with shipping charges. 

Why do you release only a select number of images from sessions?

I am a BIG believer of quality over quantity. 30 images is a number I can pay closer attention to detail in the editing phase and release to you confidently with the quality I believe you deserve. Additionally, 30 images fit in a print album perfectly.

I would like to ask you... how many photos do you actually print out from your session?

I bet you that number can be counted on one hand. 

If I can deliver the best 30 images rather than a selection that may also include repeat images of 70+, I would rather you have a collection of keepsake images than digital images that never get to see the light of day.

How much do I charge?

I charge based on the amount of labor I put into my work.  I take my time skimming through photographs. You're not only paying for the session, you're paying for my time and skills in post production. You deserve to look amazing. That's part of why you're paying me, am I right?

Why should you hire me? 

True, there are many photographers out there. But, as anything else, experience is key. A good experience is key to great photographs. This is what I like to ensure my clients.

Trust that I know what I am doing - I've been doing this for awhile. It's not an easy job distinguishing oneself from the many photographers today, but it's a job that I know to do, and I like to do it well. And most importantly, having fun is key to getting the best moments captured because I believe that the best version of you is meant to be remembered.

Where am I located? 

I am currently in Milwaukee, WI but I love to travel. Traveling outside the perimeters of Milwaukee and Waukesha counties come with a travel fee but it doesn't mean it can't happen!

I hope this helps satisfy your curiosity about me, but I am sure curious about you! Feel free to send me a message. Let's see what we can do together.

If you want to see more of my work, click on my blog link below.